The Single Most Important Element Of Leadership...

The most important element of leadership is the congruency between what you want to lead and what you value most in life!



You have an inborn leader within you!

Your leadership is in the area of what you value most.

Whether it’s raising a beautiful family and being a leader of a family; or a leader of a business; or social life – everybody has great leadership within them.

The most important element of leadership is the congruency between what you want to lead and what you value most in life.

Whatever is highest on your values, you can’t wait to get up in the morning to go and do it. You are spontaneously inspired to do that which is most valuable to you.

Activating Leadership

When you live according to your highest values, you activate your executive center in the brain where you awaken the keys to great leadership:

  • Inspired Vision;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Executing of the plans; and
  • Self-Governance.

Living according to your own highest priorities is the most important element to awaken the natural inborn leader inside yourself.


When goals and values are aligned the greatest creativity and productivity emerges.

Authentic original ideas and companies are born out of such congruency. These visionaries are unstoppable.

When leaders do not subordinate to the opinions of the outer world and stay true to what inspires them from within, they transform their outer world.

They are:

  • New paradigm makers not traditionalists that follow the average or norm
  • Trend setters not trend followers
  • Authoritative and their authority transcends outer stagnations of previous authority

The hallmark of great leadership

A great leader can’t wait to get up and do what they are here on the planet for.

Everybody has a deep yearning inside to do something extraordinary on this earth. Great leadership is to follow that yearning and actualize that dream.

When your vocation and your vacation match, you are inspired from within to fulfill your mission.

That is being a leader!

Leaders are doing what they love.

You have a leader within you! It’s waiting to be taken from the dormant to the active by simply prioritizing and living congruent to what YOU value most.

When you do, you will:

  • Build momentum
  • Expand your time and space horizons
  • Endure pain and pleasure
  • Do what ever it takes to get it done

You will achieve and accomplish things that you didn’t even think was possible.

Focus on your highest priority and you will awaken your inner leader!

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The Single Most Important Element Of Leadership
The Single Most Important Element Of Leadership

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